The UFO Wave of 1986

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The UFO flight on the so-called Official UFO Night was not an isolated event. The case is part of a great ufological wave, which reached practically all of Brazil and which began on March 19, increased in intensity in May and ended in August of that year. There were several hundred sightings from the ground, at medium and short distances, radar tracking, UFO landings, photographs and filming of strange objects, in addition to contacts and abductions.

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By Jackson Luiz Camargo –

The Fenomenum made a compilation of cases, recorded by the press, by the Brazilian Air Force or recorded by ufological research centers, spread across the various Brazilian states and which were later investigated and disseminated by researchers. Therefore, to compose the timeline of this wave, the official documents of the Brazilian Air Force, already available, newspapers and magazines, as well as studies of several national ufological groups, were used as sources. For the cited cases, we will indicate the references of origin of the information.

The year 1986 was very rich in ufological occurrences. From the north to the south of the country, countless ufological events took place and thousands of people were direct witnesses of UFO sightings. Some cases were restricted to military environments, being registered only by the Armed Forces, while others were investigated by ufological groups scattered in several states of the Federation. There are also countless other facts, in much larger numbers, that were restricted to family members or even to witnesses of the phenomenon, who, out of fear or aversion to publicity, did not report their experiences to anyone.

It is interesting to compare the cases that occurred during this period, which were recorded in official Air Force documents, with the records of ufologists and research groups. Comparing these databases, interesting patterns of manifestation can be seen.

Until 1986, the Brazilian Air Force recorded, on average, one UFO Report every two or three months. The ufological research centers registered two or three cases per month, reporting them in bulletins and specialized magazines. When the 1986 UFO Wave happened, there were hundreds of sightings recorded in a period of just three months.


The 1986 ufological wave began on March 19, with a sighting that took place in Pontal do Leme, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), and having Afonso H. Soares as a witness, who observed a UFO coming out of the sea and emitting lights, the 400 meters from the beach, around 17:30 (28) .

On the same day, three other huge flying saucers were observed, around 1:40 am, in Florianópolis (SC). The objects emitted intense multicolored light and were observed for approximately 40 minutes. During the observation, the witnesses heard a strong hum (28) .

The following day, March 20, two astronomers from the Brasópolis Observatory (MG), Rodrigo Campos and René Laporte, photographing Halley’s comet, and a UFO using their telescope. This fact was reported in the magazine Afinal, from São Paulo, on April 15 of the same year (28) .

On March 24, José Magalhães and Divino Lima observed a luminous object in the region of Fazenda Cachoeira, rural area of Santa Isabel (RJ). The sighting occurred around 8 pm (45) .

The following day, March 25, military police officers Luiz Alberto de Araújo and José Carlos do Rego Neto were traveling in their vehicle along the road that connects Santa Isabel to the Conservatoria, in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Around 7:30 pm they saw a disk-shaped device, which had colored lights around its fuselage and which quickly disappeared. Interestingly, the vehicle’s battery was discharged shortly after the sighting (45) .

(Top left) Dona Terezinha Marlene de Oliveira; (upper right) Mr. Luiz Osório Gomes; (left) João Batista de Araújo Lopes and Mr. Sebastião Pereira Barbosa, Natalino. All witnesses of ufological facts in Santa Isabel do Rio Preto (RJ), in March 1986.


On March 26, another UFO was observed in the Humaitá neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), around 8 pm. The object, which changed shape and color, was seen for five minutes by Marco Antônio Fernandes (28) .

Drawing of the object observed by Marco Antonio Fernandes, on March 26, 1986, at 8 pm. Credits: Irene Granchi


Finally, on March 30, several residents of the Tijuca region, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), observed a UFO, which emitted an intense flash, crossing the sky (28) .


In the month of April there was the appearance of a UFO near the city of Paraibuna (SP). On the April 3, a UFO was observed, around 6:00 pm near Vila Militar, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The object was divided into two parts, one of which went up vertically, while the other went down, approaching a vehicle where the four witnesses were (28) .

On April 13, the ufologist and captain of the Brazilian Air Force, Basílio Baranoff and his son observed a luminous flying object, yellowish in color in the region of São José dos Campos (SP). The object, which was observed around 6:30 pm, had a sparkling appearance and remained for more than 15 minutes over the region. The sighting was repeated in the following days, with several other witnesses (44) .

Days later, around midnight on April 19, a UFO emitting a beam of bluish light was observed by psychologist Marília Accioli and her son Cláudio, in the Jardim Botânico region, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Initially, the object remained static over the region, emitting reddish light. Subsequently, it changed color and acquired a triangular shape, with colors varying between red, green and yellow (28) .

Finally, at 9:50 pm on April 30, several unknown plots appeared on the radar screens of CINDACTA I, in Brasília (DF). The objects had constant speed, but with sudden changes in direction. The fact was recorded from the meteorological radar screens of Guama (DF) (17) .


On May 4, 1986, several luminous flying objects, with colors varying between red and blue, with a sparkling appearance, were observed near Cumbica, in Guarulhos (SP) (44 ) . Days later, on May 12, pilots and controllers from the Anápolis Air Base (GO) observed a luminous flying object, which was flying over an area 4 miles to the north, with colors varying between white and red, with intense light and low speed. The entire delay lasted approximately 10 minutes, and was also visually confirmed by the PT-RCC aircraft, which was flying in the vicinity of the region. (19) .

Aircraft prefix PT-RCC, involved in the ufological events of May 4, 1986. At the time, the aircraft belonged to the medium João de Deus. It is not known whether he was present on board at the time of the sighting.


Days later, on May 17, a bright yellow flying object was observed for 15 minutes in the Freguesia neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) (28) . That same day, at the end of the afternoon, two brothers observed two luminous objects, violet, yellow and red flying over their farm, in the region of Paquivira, in Macaparana, Pernambuco (53) .

The following day, May 18, there was a new sighting, also in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The witness, Ms. Ângela Strohscneider, observed, around 3:30 A.M., spherical objects, yellow or golden, evolving in formation, over the region of the Jardim Botânico. A few hours later, at 9:12 am, another witness, Marcelo Viana, observed two flying objects, one in the shape of a spinning top, moving from the Tijuca region to the Sumaré, also over  of the capital of Rio de Janeiro (28) .

Drawing depicting the sighting of Dr. Angela Strochneider, which occurred on March 18, 1986, in Rio de Janeiro. Credits: Irene Granchi


The following day, May 19, the great flight of UFOs took place over national territory, being witnessed by Brazilian Air Force soldiers, civil pilots and numerous witnesses on the ground, in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso e Mato Grosso do Sul. The sightings began around 5:00 pm, in the region of São José dos Campos (SP). In Rio de Janeiro, around 7:00 pm, with the stylist Sonia Grumbach as a witness, who observed a luminous flying object that moved in leaps and bounds at great speed (28) . The same phenomenon was observed by the then Commander of the 4th Regional Air Command, Brigadier Sócrates Monteiro, who, from the window of his apartment in Copacabana, observed, together with his wife, a shiny object that maneuvered over the sea.

As the night progressed, attention and excitement increased in CINDACTA, both in the Air Traffic division and in the Air Defense division. Douglas Avedikian was one of the operators of CINDACTA I, on duty on the night of May 19, 1986. He says that between 8:15 pm and 8:30 pm a Bandeirante airplane, from the TAM Airlines and flying the Londrina – São Paulo route, called the Brasília ACC asking whether there was any essential traffic, i.e. coming towards the plane and already relatively close. As there was no unknown target on the radar in the indicated region, the operator informed that there was nothing strange. The pilot insisted that there was an object approaching the plane, on an apparent collision course, coming in front of him, on the right.

The controller increased the radar definition on the aircraft’s location and still failed to obtain records of any unidentified signal at the reported position. Then, the pilot, in a panic, reported that the mysterious object was passing quickly in front of him, having around it several lights that rotated very fast and that soon disappeared at high speed. Shortly afterwards, another aircraft, this time from TransBrasil, which was flying the Guarulhos-Brasília route, reported that it was sighting the same type of phenomenon, over the region of Araxá (MG). Such lights were passing in front of the plane, heading towards Brasília (DF).

Shortly afterwards, the ACC-BS began receiving calls from several control towers within its area of jurisdiction. The Pirassununga Control Tower asked CINDACTA if the radars were picking up any unusual movement in the sky over the city, where the Air Force Academy (AFA) is located, an important pilot training center. The Control Tower of Ribeirão Preto (SP), in turn, questioned whether Brasília was tracking a kind of very large flash in the sky, in the region of the city. In both cases, the radars did not identify anything unusual.

In Guaratinguetá (SP), 2000 military personnel who were training in the courtyard of the Aeronautics School of Specialists (EEAR), witnessed a blackout, followed by the appearance of several luminous objects that crossed over the base. Other military installations, in Pirassununga (SP), Taubaté (SP), Resende (RJ) and the headquarters of CINDACTA I, in Brasília, were also flown over by unidentified luminous objects.

Between 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm, the Xingu PT-MBZ plane approached São José dos Campos (SP), with Colonel Ozires Silva and Commander Acyr Pereira on board. Following the guidelines of the air traffic operators, the pilots tried four times to chase the strange lights over the region of Vale do Paraíba. Although they had visual contact with such objects, it was impossible to approach them to try to identify them.

Around 11:10 pm, Dr. Silvio Giglio’s observed luminous objects moving in a zig-zag pattern over the Penha, in Rio de Janeiro (28) . They were spherical, colored yellow, green, blue and red. Not far from there, another witness, André Moura, was able to observe a luminous object that hovered statically over the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Suddenly, a Brazilian Air Force fighter tried to approach the object that accelerated quickly moving away from the aircraft (1) . In Brasília (DF), the singer and composer José Dantas observed a luminous flying object, yellowish in color, descending over a hill (24) .

Drawing depicting the formation of UFOs, observed by Doctor Silvio Giglio, on May 19, 1986, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Credits: Irene Granchi



In the early hours of May 20th, crew members of a cargo plane come across a UFO, during a flight between Guarulhos to Galeão. The UFO was luminous, moved at an estimated speed of Mach 5 and was registered by radars at Cindacta 1, in Brasília (DF). Throughout the day, other sightings occurred.

In Ribeirão Pires (SP), several residents of the Santa Luzia neighborhoods observed luminous objects in the sky. Among the witnesses of these apparitions is Carlos Airton da Silva, at the time living on Rua Colorado, who observed, around 8 pm, a large luminous ball that changed color, from red to yellow, and that moved continuously, to left and right (53) . At the same time, a luminous flying object was sighted and captured by Brasilian Air Force radars, again over the city of São José dos Campos (SP). Among the witnesses are flight controllers and pilots who flew over the region. Another aircraft, a commercial plane flying between Belo Horizonte and Uberlândia, came across a luminous, round shaped UFO. The object, which emitted red, green and white light, was witnessed by the crew and 27 passengers of the aircraft (23, 53) .

The following day, May 21, around 2:00 pm, a new sighting happened, this time in Fortaleza, Ceará. Several witness observed a large object, with an estimated size between 150 and 200 meters in diameter, with a variable shape and a leaden color. The device made lateral movements and disappeared at high speed. Almost at the same time, a similar object was observed from the airport of Teresina (PI) (28, 53) . At 7:00 pm on the same day, Kleber Alonso, Alexandre and José Wilker Ramos observed a spherical flying object, with a milky appearance, over the region of Ipuassu (SP) (28) . Half an hour later, around 7:30 pm, Maria Lúcia dos Santos, a resident of Rua Nepal, in the Capuava neighborhood, in Santo André (SP), observed, together with her husband, another luminous object, which blinked continuously and revolved around her axis itself (53) . At night, José Antônio Lima observed, around 7 pm, an intensely luminous object moving in a zig-zag pattern, at very high speed, over the city of Maringá, Paraná (53) . In another neighborhood, Jardim Liberdade, a group of children who were playing there, were impressed with the evolution of the object. At almost the same time, a UFO was sighted and filmed in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro (30) .

Shortly afterwards, in the first minutes of Thursday, May 22, several people, in different parts of the city of Blumenau (SC), watched the evolution of numerous luminous objects over the city. For 5 minutes, these lights flew over the city hall, being witnessed by clients of the Blu-Lanches snack bar (53) . Hours later, another authority witnessed a UFO. It was the Superintendent of the Federal Police, Romeu Tuma, aboard a Transbrasil, flying from Brasília (DF) to São Paulo (SP), who from the “crew cabin” was able, for 15 minutes, to follow the evolution of the object who moved at a speed greater than 2000 km per hour (53) .

Later that same day, another sighting, this time 200 kilometers from Belo Horizonte and 15 kilometers from Conceição do Mato Dentro, in Serra do Cipó, between the villages of Tabuleiro (MG) and Rio Preto (MG). Around 3:45 am, a local resident Joaquim Ferreira de Aguiar (known as Joaquim Elói), 69 years old and his 8 children, was awakened by a strong glare that entered through the cracks in the rough walls of his house. Leaving the house, about 30 meters from his yard (patio), he saw an object landed on the ground which, through a focus of light, illuminated the entire region. Witnesses heard metallic voices, communicating in an unknown language. After thirty minutes, the object took off, emitting noise, increasing its luminosity and changing its color to green. At approximately the same time but 1 kilometer away, a phenomenon was observed by Paulo da Silva (25 years old) and Geralda Ferreira (30 years old). That dawn, the two walked along the road, heading to the place indicated for the electoral re-registration. That’s when they saw the approach of a huge lighthouse, coming from the direction of Elói’s residence. The lighthouse even hit the high voltage wires, “at the crossroads leading to the two villages”, Tabuleiro and Rio Preto, where the couple was. “All the lights in the region went out”, except for that luminosity of the object and that of Paulo and Geralda’s electric flashlight. The two ran to the nearest house, belonging to a gentleman named Pedro. But, blinded by the light, in a panic, they got tangled up and hurt by the wires of the wire fence around Sr. Pedro’s house. The light remained for a few minutes over the couple, who remained crouched. After the light had gone out, it was possible to see a smaller wheel on the object, right in the middle of which a kind of inscription or numbers could be seen (53) .

On the night of May 22, a UFO was again observed over the city of Maringá, Paraná. Cameraman JB Siqueira (Foguinho) managed to film from two different points a luminous, reddish object that blinked non-stop. The first shot in the vicinity of the Exhibition Park, and the second near the Globo TV tower. The video was even shown on the program Fantástico, days later (23, 30, 53) .

Still on the night of May 22, there was another sighting, this time involving a commercial aircraft that had taken off from Brasília (DF) to Salvador (BA). The sighting occurred around 1:00 am, when the aircraft was at an altitude of 14,000 meters. Again, a luminous object was observed and captured by the aircraft’s radar. Hours later, around 2:30 pm, an unknown flying object appeared on the radar screens at the Anápolis Air Force Base (GO). Around 23:30, new unknown targets appear on the radar screens in Anápolis (17) . In this case, there was also a video recording of the radar screens, between midnight and 1:00 am, on the May, 23. At about the same time, there was a sighting in Blumenau (SC). Several people around the city observed several luminous flying objects flying over the city for several minutes (53) . In Jardim Botânico, in Rio de Janeiro, a group of people at a party observed a spherical luminous object flying over the Sumaré region (28) .

At 7:30 pm, there was a new sighting of a flying saucer in the region of Taboleiro (MG). This fact was repeated at 22:00, having been witnessed by several people (53) . At 8:10 pm, in Brasília (DF), a flying object, with a circular shape and yellowish glow, was observed over the city (10) . The city of Rio de Janeiro would also be visited that night. Around 9:00 pm, a luminous flying object was observed over the region of the Jacarepaguá neighborhood, emitting lights that varied between green and red (28) . Minutes later, the object was observed flying over the Corcovado region and soon after the city of Niterói (RJ). The fact was notified to the Brazilian Air Force, which registered the fact (10) . Still on that day, in São José dos Campos, around 9:30 pm, several people observed a luminous flying object crossing the city’s skies (44) . Sightings also occurred in the region of Santos (SP), and residents of the city contacted the Air Base of Santa Cruz, in Rio de Janeiro, reporting the fact (10) . Shortly afterwards, operators at the Dr. Leite Lopes airport, in Ribeirão Preto, reported to CINDACTA the presence of UFOs over the region.

In the early morning of May 24th, several people observed a luminous flying object hovering over the cities of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Santos (SP) and Florianópolis (SC) (53) . At 9:20 pm, that same day, radars recorded the presence of an unknown target over the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ) (17) .

Hours later, in the early hours of May 25, five people, at different points in Itacuruçá, observed a circular flying object, approximately 20 meters in diameter, flying over the city. Two biologists and a doctor, who fished in the region of the Tropical Islands, observed the device, which flew less than 30 meters above their heads. According to one of the witnesses, when the object approached the group it seemed huge, the size of a two-story house. It featured a rotating base and a central track, which rotated in the opposite direction. The upper part was little observed, due to the angle of observation, but the lower part presented a triangle with protrusion on two sides and was outlined by a circle from which ribs departed all around, looking metallic. Its glow was matte, emanating colors that varied from orange to violet. When it moved away, it emitted an intense glow, heading towards the sea. The incident repeated itself again in the early hours of the following day, around 1:30 am (28) .

Still on the 25th, the watchman Antônio Alves Ferreira was abducted again, in Mirassol (SP) [ More information about the case ].

On May 26, around 2:30 pm, four people observed five sparkling flying objects, emitting white and silver colored lights, over the city of Brasília (DF) (10) .

The next sightings, included in that wave, occurred at 20:00, on May 27th, and took place in Serra do Cipó. Two employees of the municipal government of Conceição do Mato Dentro, the driver Sebastião Lopes de Freitas and the assistant José Geraldo de Almeida, were traveling by truck through the region of Tabuleiro. Suddenly, a light, from which luminous sparks came out, appeared over the vehicle, accompanying them to the entrance to the city of Conceição do Mato Dentro, still in Minas Gerais. During the observation, Sebastião noticed that the vehicle’s dashboard indicators, which had failed before, worked perfectly, at the same time that the vehicle was losing performance and speed.

“Even on descents and straights it was necessary to engage first gear to ensure its progress”.

Assistant José Geraldo reported that a kind of weak cloud surrounded the light of the object, when it diminished in intensity, and when it collected its beams. Also at the base of the light beam aimed at the truck, Geraldo noticed a kind of cross, which was also observed in the residents’ reports in previous days (53) .

On the night of Tuesday, May 27th, half the population (about 150 witnesses) of the rural neighborhood Boa Pastora, in Londrina, 5 km from Bandeirantes, observed luminous objects for approximately half an hour. One of the witnesses turned on the headlights of a tractor and directed them at the objects, which immediately turned off their lights. When turning off the headlights, the luminous objects returned to maneuver over the region (53) .

Also on that day, a commercial aircraft, operating flight TF402, which took off from Congonhas airport (SP) to Varginha airport (MG), came across an intensely luminous object when it was close to Bragança (SP). The object was picked up by radars, along with the aircraft, and was traveling at 813 knots (1505.68 km/h). Shortly afterwards, Varig flight 256, going from Guarulhos (SP) to Confins (MG), encountered the same object in the region of Bragança (SP). The object, which emitted green, red and yellow light, accompanied the aircraft to its destination. Although the radars in Brasília (DF) and Belo Horizonte (MG) did not detect the presence of the object next to the aircraft, it was visually confirmed by the tower operator, Sergeant Marco Aurélio (17 ) . Around the same time, approximately 150 people observed several luminous flying objects over the city of Londrina (PR). The sighting lasted approximately 30 min.

On May 28, UFOs are sighted at 6:50 pm over the Leblon neighborhood and at 8:20 pm over Flamengo, in Rio de Janeiro (28) . There were also sightings in Monte Verde (MG), at 7:45 pm and in São Paulo (SP), at 8:00 pm. In all cases, the objects described were luminous.

On the following day, May 29, luminous flying objects were seen in Florianópolis (00:15), Brasília (19:20) (53) , São José dos Campos (21:10), São Paulo (22:30) and Santos (SP). The case that occurred in São Paulo (SP) involved a news team that was recording a commercial on top of the building of the Banco do Estado de São Paulo, on Av. São João. The team observed and filmed a multicolored object that remained stationary over the Serra da Mantiqueira region, near the city of São Paulo (SP). This object and others that were in a nearby region were captured by Brazilian Air Force radars (17, 30) . At one point, the objects headed towards the coast, approaching another colossal object that was also captured on FAB radars. This object would be approximately 11 kilometers long and was seen by residents of the city of Santos (SP). The operators witnessed the approximation of the smaller objects next to the larger one, with the joining of plots, indicating that such objects entered the larger object, which then disappeared (31) .

Mapa do Brasil, com indicação dos locais de avistamento ufológico durante a onda de 1986 (exceto os avistamentos de 19 e 20 de maio).



The first recorded sighting occurred on the night of June 2, when a spherical and luminous flying object was observed over Brasília (DF). The object emitted light beams in red and green colors (53) . On the following day, around 9:40 pm, residents of the Parigot de Sousa residential complex, in Curitiba (PR), observed a luminous flying object, reddish in color, performing maneuvers over the region (53) . At almost the same time, a UFO landed on a site close to the city of Passa Tempo (MG) (53) .

On June 4th, a luminous flying object was observed around 12:20 am, in Montes Claros (MG), by a pilot from the Cruzeiro do Sul company (31, 53) . The object was extremely bright. At 5:45 pm, a small flying saucer flew over a vehicle traveling on an avenue in Curitiba (PR). Then, this object hovered for a few minutes over a vacant lot next to a hospital and then disappeared at high speed towards Serra do Mar (53) [ Learn more about this case by clicking here ]. At the beginning of the night, another sighting occurred, at the mouth of the Amazon River, in Guajará Bay, witnessed by a large number of people gathered at the bulwark of the “Ver-o-Peso” market, in Belém. Journalist Porfírio da Rocha, from the newspaper “A Provincia do Pará”, photographed the object several times on two occasions. The first from Boulevard Castilho França and then from the top of the building of the newspaper “O Liberal. The object, initially intensely luminous, made small circular movements, always returning to its initial position. Its color varied between yellow and red, sometimes reducing its luminosity, returning to normal shortly afterwards. The object disappeared over the locality of Bacarena (53) . Around 8:00 pm, another flying saucer was observed in Bandeirantes (PR) (18) .

On the 5th of June, several UFOs were again registered near the Montes Claros airport (MG). The maneuvers of the objects were witnessed by approximately 20 people for an hour and a half (17) . On Paquetá Island, in Rio de Janeiro, a large, luminous object was observed (28) . In Curitiba, CINDACTA II recorded several flying objects, which were visually confirmed by different people in the city. COMDA was activated, but no fighter was sent for interception (44) .

A Aeronáutica manteve forte vigilância naquele período, registrando vários casos ufológicos em relatórios oficiais.



On June 7th, four luminous flying objects were observed in Mangaratiba (RJ) (28) . On the same date, in Mirassol (SP), there was a new abduction of Antônio Carlos Ferreira.

On June 12, at 20:00h, a commercial aircraft, flying between Campinas (SP) and Vitória (RJ), came across two reddish white flying objects, which flew in wing with the aircraft. Shortly after, a Brazilian Air Force fighter pilot spots a luminous green, red, yellow and white flying object, accompanying the aircraft. The fighter goes in pursuit of the object that quickly disappears. The object was also sighted by another fighter that same night (17) . On the following day, two luminous UFOs are observed close to São José dos Campos (SP), flying at low altitude (44) .

Around midnight on June 14th, Bete and Débora were abducted, in the Itaquera neighborhood, in São Paulo (SP).

On June 15th, around 8:00 am, several people in the city of Mirassol (SP), observed several large luminous flying objects, evolving over the city (28) .

At 8:39 pm, on June 24, an unknown target appears on the radar screen of the Anápolis Air Base at the same time a flying object is spotted by a fighter pilot on a mission in the vicinity of the Base. The fighter accelerated to Mach 1.2, in pursuit of the object that quickly accelerated until it disappeared from the fighter’s radar screen. The object accelerated so much that the distance between the aircraft and the fighter went from 8 miles to 20 miles in just 5 seconds (17) .


For the month of July we have no registered cases, which does not mean that there were no cases in that period. In August, the ufological wave started in March came to an end. The first recorded case occurred on the 3rd, around 6:30 pm, in Vinhedo (SP), where nine people saw six UFOs heading towards Campinas (SP) (16) .

On August 5, at around 7:46 pm, a circular flying object was observed by pilots of the PT-JTZ aircraft, flying between Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Uberaba (MG). The UFO had large dimensions, rounded shape, white color and was intensely illuminated (20) .

At around 6:50 pm on August 12, the Brazilian ship Renata, sailing from Rostok, Germany, to Rio de Janeiro, encounters a luminous UFO 77 miles off the Brazilian coast. Shortly after, the ship Patrícia observes a large circular UFO, wrapped in a blue nebulosity, heading north, at high speed (21) . That same night, four commercial aircraft, at different points, reported the presence of a luminous flying object near Brasília (DF) (16) .

On the 18th of August, around 10:14 pm, several people observe a luminous flying object over Rio de Janeiro (RJ).

On the night of the 21st of August, around 11:00 pm, people began calling radio stations in São Vicente (SP), reporting that a UFO was being observed in the Pedreira region. The object even landed, causing panic among residents, who sought out the Police Station, asking for action (49) .

In the early morning of August 23, also around 11:00 pm, dozens of people, residents of Vicente de Carvalho, saw two oval objects in the sky. One of the objects, visually half the size of the Moon, glowed brightly, continuously changing color. Around the object there were small multicolored lights, which blinked intermittently (49) .

On the 27th of August, around 9:00 pm, a commercial flight, bound for Uberaba (MG) came across several UFOs that accompanied its flight. Forty minutes later, the PP-EFC aircraft came across an oval-shaped UFO that accompanied it for approximately 40 minutes in the vicinity of Uberaba (MG). During the sighting, you hear an exchange of light signals between the aircraft and the UFO. All 13 passengers on the aircraft witnessed the event (16, 20) .

In the early hours of August 29, at 5:10 am, flight VASP 285, between São Luís (MA) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ), came across UFOs, which were not registered by radar (16) .

Finally, this ufological wave ended with some sightings reported to the Air Force, on September 21st and 22nd, 1986. At 9:15 pm, on September 21st, pilots of two aircraft sighted luminous objects, during flights between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Soon after, another aircraft, making a flight between Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, reported the presence of lights accompanying the plane. The FAB made recordings of the radar screens for further investigation of the incident. In the early hours of the morning of the 22nd, two other aircraft, a Bandeirante, from the Brazilian Air Force flying between São José dos Campos and Rio de Janeiro, and a TransBrasil plane, flying between Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, reported the presence of a luminous UFO, over the mountainous region of the State of Rio de Janeiro (15) .

The last sighting took place on September 22, around 7:25 pm, when several people observed a shiny white and silver object making erratic movements over a Federal Highway Police checkpoint, near Valparaízo (GO). The fact was also communicated to the Brazilian Air Force, which registered the case.

The 1986 ufological wave began in March and spread across the country, diminishing in July, reappearing in August and ending definitively in September of that year. As soon as it appeared, it ended without knowing its real reason. Nor was it possible to identify the origin or intention of the intelligence that operated such equipment.

Likewise, it is impossible to determine the exact number of occurrences and witnesses involved, or even the locations where these cases occurred.



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